Importance of diet

Diet is well-known to trigger or influence progression of various disorders. While it is obvious that gastrointestinal symptoms depend on food, even remote organs and tissues that have no direct contact with food are affected by the contents of the stomach. Allergy, the most common side-effect of the modern food, instantly affects the entire body. A chronic disorders such as diabetis and deadly heart diseases are caused by food. Globally, poor diets are responsible for more of the global burden of ill health than sex, drugs, alcohol and tobacco combined (Forouzanfar et al. 2015).

Conversely, dietary therapy is sometimes the only available treatment option. Recent scientific research suggests that progression of cancer can be slowed down by the anticancer diet (Mayne et al. 2016). The symptoms of multiple sclerosis, an uncurable neurological disorder, can be alleviated by dietary changes (Gupta 2016).